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Burn Pits: The "Agent Orange" of the Iraq War


“Atmospheric Chemistry can be Non-Linear”

Atmospheric chemistry can be non-linear (Davidson et al., 2007, pg. 738) meaning the chemical reactions between elements in particulate matter can lead to false or misleading results.

Four categories of chemical compositions likely to be responsible for associated illnesses have been identified and acknowledged since 2000. First is emissions from combustion of fossil and biomass fuels, second is particles generated by high temperature industrial processes such as smelting (extracting metal from source using heat), third is products of chemical reactions in the atmosphere and last is fine particles from sand, soil and other sources.

All 4 categories are demonstrated continuously during daily activities of servicemembers in Iraq. Additionally, a 2002-cohort study conducted in Holland reported that death rates increased when there are increasing airborne concentrations of particulate matter and black smoke – that is emitted from a complete or incomplete combustion and often referred to as “soot”, like that emitted from diesel sources and motor vehicle, a continuous exposure to Iraq Veterans. Below are anonymous quotes from Iraq War Veterans participating in our randomized survey regarding combat and related exposures.

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 “I was on base a majority of the time and the smells and everything was just so bad that i would get the worst migraines to the point where i would vomit, i was given Phenegran to help it”


“During the invasion we would drop concrete leader rounds into buildings. These buildings were insulated with asbestos. We were later housed in these buildings...”


“We went into alot of old Iraqi military bases that had a ton of stuff leaking and it smelt terrible, burned our eyes, i took off, no one ever found out what it was though. and we had a abandon tank field full of DU right next to the base in Baghdad”